Activities linked to drugs and migrant transporting are poorly understood and under-researched particularly in West Africa. The project ‘Hidden Narratives of I/licit Livelihoods in West Africa,’ a partnership between British, Canadian and African institutions, highlights the local realities of the so-called opioid crisis and the migrant transporting in Nigeria (Lagos) and Niger (Agadez).

Research was undertaken by Dr Gernot Klantschnig (Bristol), Dr Elodie Apard (Nigeria), Dr Philippe Frowd (Canada), Dr Ini Dele-Adedeji (Bristol). You may also be interested in our project’s latest publications on the topic: click here.

Production: Dr Amanda Schmid-Scott

Filming: Thanks for the contributions of Tobi Akinde and Abdulfatai Adams.

Voice overs: Tobi Akinde (Pidgin) and Yusuf Mahmud (Hausa)

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council (@ESRC)