Activities linked to #drugs and #migrant transporting are poorly understood and under-researched particularly in West Africa. The project ‘Hidden Narratives of I/licit Livelihoods in West Africa,’ a partnership between British, Canadian and African institutions, highlights the local realities of the so-called #opioid crisis and the #migration transport in #Nigeria (Lagos) and #Niger (Agadez).

Research was undertaken by Dr Gernot Klantschnig (Bristol), Dr Elodie Apard (Nigeria), Dr Philippe Frowd (Canada), Dr Ini Dele-Adedeji (Bristol). You may also be interested in our project’s latest publications on the topic: click here.

Production: Dr Amanda Schmid-Scott

Filming: Thanks for the contributions of Tobi Akinde and Abdulfatai Adams.

Voice overs: Tobi Akinde (Pidgin) and Yusuf Mahmud (Hausa)

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council (@ESRC)