Understanding Resilience to Transnational Organised Crime: The Roles of Communities, Citizens, and Civil Society

Our project’s Principle Investigator (PI) Dr Gernot Klantschnig was recently in conversation with Dr Martha Mutisi, from the International Development Research Centre and Dr Catherine Kelly, from the African Center for Strategic Studies, discussing the role that civil society can play in understanding resilience to transnational organised crime. Listen to this fascinating conversation in which he suggests a criminalised approach to understanding issues including the drugs trade in Nigeria and migration in Niger, is insufficient for finding real solutions. Criminalising these activities can oftentimes suppress, dislocate or even magnify the underlying, structural issues that cause these activities in the first place. Localised narratives play an important role in enhancing our understanding of these issues, and can contribute to devising policies which do not simply serve to divert the problem elsewhere.

In conversation with the African Center for Strategic Studies: